Britain agreed to defend Sweden and Finland in case of Russian attack

United Kingdom Will defend Sweden and Finland militarily by mutual commitments, in case anyone is attacked possible to join It is responding to the growing threat from the NATO of the two Scandinavian countries and Russia.

british prime minister, Boris Johnson traveled to Sweden and Finland to provide “solid and definitive” support for both countries, in practice, with a few treaties that would compel Britain to intervene if its allies faced some sort of military threat.

At your first stop, in SwedenJohnson stressed that Stockholm should be helped when it is in a “grey area”. As it describes the period from the foreseeable application to join NATO until it is accepted. Stockholm still needs to formalize its application for participation.

“In the event of a disaster or attack in Sweden, the UK will come to your aid whatever you ask” The British prime minister spoke at a press conference with her Swedish counterpart, Magdalena Andersson. Johnson stressed that this commitment is mutual and therefore Sweden will also have to help the UK, according to the BBC.

Andersson noticed that “tensions” increasedRussian aggression against Ukraine” and, in fact, Russia threatened to “respond” if Sweden finally requested to join the Atlantic Alliance, which Moscow perceived as a threat to its national security.

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