Jordi Cruz (‘Masterchef’) praises Ayuso for his management in Madrid: “I’m marrying him tomorrow”

First Name jordi cruz This Wednesday it sneaked into the list of most commented topics on Twitter. The popular chef gave an interview in which he did not hesitate to answer questions about current politics, as well as talk about his professional projects. Like this, left a headline that never went unnoticed and left a lot to talk about on social networks.

judgemaster chefIt was reaffirmed in a conversation with 20 Minutes, praising Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s management during the pandemic. When asked if he continues to “envy” the Madrid of popular politics, he was frank: “I still think so. I reaffirm and get married. Ayuso morning”.

The Catalan highlights that as a hotelier, he had a “little assisted situation” while in the capital. “A fight broke out to open bars and restaurants”. “Of course we have to survive and protect ourselves from the pandemic, but we must try not to die from Covid as well as prevent us from starving to death. It has been a constructive policy and has made the city stronger.” insists.

Cruz thinks the situation in Barcelona is very different and takes the opportunity to throw a dart: “We’ve had a lot of problems that I think everyone knows about. Political class is one of them.”. “If it’s from PP, I did something with masks… I’m not talking about her party or her brother, I’m talking about the management of Ms. Ayuso, who looks so good to me for the city. tourism economy “, Add.

Regardless, the chef states in the interview: “No one can beat me for Catalan and Barcelona”. “But it’s true that there is a desire to socialize, go out, eat and have a good time in Madrid right now, which looks great for a businessman who wants to be liked,” he says.

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