North Macedonia will not withdraw from Eurovision 2022 after flag controversy

To continue Eurodrama in the North Macedonian delegation After the debate starring Andrea at the Opening Ceremony of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. The Balkan country’s television released a new statement this Wednesday. will finally join the current edition of TurinAlthough he is considering withdrawing in 2023 due to “Negative public image” of the Eurovision project.

“After the public’s reaction, it has decided to consider all aspects of our representative’s possible withdrawal from Eurovision. At a time when all withdrawal deadlines have passed, such a step would result in major financial losses and other sanctions that should not be neglected. … Cancellation would jeopardize participation and diversion of television rights at all other events it hosts.“, reassures the Macedonian company in this press release.

Even so, North Macedonian Radio and Television provides: Your delegation will take all legal and disciplinary measures after returning from Turin.either with Andrea’s elimination or eventually.

It should be noted that the crisis of the North Macedonian delegation emerged last Sunday at the opening ceremony of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. Representative Andrea, with the song ‘Circle’, He threw the small flag of his country in his hand while he was going to pose in front of the fotocall. Your event for accredited photographers.

Just after Macedonian television made a statement saying they were considering withdrawing from the festival four days before the semi-finals, Andrea intervened in his Macedonian MRT. I apologize for this moment of controversy. in the Balkan country and in the Eurovision world in the final hours.

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