3 arrested for raping a woman in Malaga

three teenagers they were arrested early Monday morning, allegedly involved in a sexual assault to a woman inside Malagueta (Málaga). According to police sources, agents of the National Police radio patrol surprised one of the men. to consume breach on the beach and they checked how one of the attendees was prepared. It was crucial to avoid being gang-raped by a witness over the phone who told how the three people involved took him to a secluded place on the beach and threw him into the sand. Criminal complaints are also filed against those arrested. crime robo with violence and intimidationbecause they were going to confiscate the bag of the drunk victim.

The incidents took place around 04:00 in the morning. Sources said the young woman went out with some friends that night, and after being alone at a disco in La Malagueta, she met a boy of Moroccan descent and went for a walk with her. take advantage of your situation inebriationyoung man started taking her to the beachBut when he realized his intention, he resisted. already in existence the other two young menThey managed to get him to a secluded area on the beach near Antonio Martín. A young woman who witnessed the whole scene called the police and told it in real time, which allowed the National Police radio patrol to locate the group more quickly. The cops were surprised when one of the young men was already on the woman, while another was getting ready.

After hearing the victim’s statement, whose bag was also stolen, the agents arrested and mobilized the three youths. sexual assault protocol It started when the woman was taken to the Mother and Child Hospital.

Source: Informacion


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