‘Witch train’ seriously injures a worker in Valencia

The National Police launched an investigation to find the causes of an incident. new accident at a fair facilitythis time ‘witch train’hospitalized serious situation still worker after crush For the attraction in Alaquàs (Valencia). Also, because of Carny’s imposition to encourage the children, the injured man dressed as Donald Duck, I didn’t even have a contract labor.

The incidents took place on Friday, May 6, at a fair in Alaquàs, when the young man passed by and thanked the children who got on the attraction by walking the wagons next to them. In an instant, the locomotive crashed into the young man who fell to the ground and was crushed. a shoulder fracturealso a space in the head and countless bruises Luckily the attraction did not topple, so the minors had to stop the activity despite witnessing the accident.

Several people called the 112 Emergency telephone number, whose operators sent patrols from the Local and National Police. They were the first to arrive and when they saw the condition of the worker, they put him in the police car and took him to Alaquàs health center. According to Emergency Information and Coordination Center (CICU) sources, the doctor on duty diagnosed the shoulder fracture and requested an ambulance to be transported to La Fe Hospital. The young man of Spanish nationality, He underwent emergency surgery and is in the hospital. His life is not in danger.

Police investigation continues

Meanwhile, the National Police began an investigation, closing the attraction so that Scientific Police agents could examine the area and make initial checks. Also, the Forensic Police group from the Xirivella police station began to take statements from witnesses and the seller, not only to determine how and why the accident occurred. most security and administrative conditions of the ‘witch train’besides the employment status of the injured person, a practice where everything seems to work without a contract, a practice the police are starting to come across regularly in fairgrounds.

is he second serious accident at an attraction consists of a zip line installed in Valencia, in this case a ‘Cap i casal’ shopping centre, shortly after another worker died on Monday. The death occurred in the hospital the next day. fell from a height of 4 meters In another work accident that was also investigated by the National Police, in this case the Homicide Squad group.

Suspicious inflatable accident

Moreover, In January, two girls, Vera and Cayetana, aged 4 and 8, died when the bouncy castle was blown up. In an accident detected by the police, they played at the Mislata Christmas Fair on the afternoon-night of January 4. numerous irregularities and said it’s currently investigating the attraction’s owner, his father-in-law, and the engineer who approved the swelling.

In this case, too, Homicide has been looking for a worker at the fair since January, a young man, presumably of North African descent, suspected of not being contracted, according to witnesses. He denied his existence despite 13 witnesses confirming his presence to the Police and declaring that he only checked the tickets and the times of use of the attractions at the damaged fort – and other attractions. When the last wind blew up the facility with eleven children, she said she was the only one connected to the fairground who came to the little ones’ aid. Cayetana died within hours, and Vera died a few days later, and nine other children were injured to varying degrees.

Source: Informacion


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