Did you know that an email spreads? same amount of CO2 Has a low consumption light bulb burned out for 6 minutes? SMAART, a company specializing in the refurbishment of mobile phones, has developed a good practice guide to encourage responsible use of technology.


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With these simple actions, you too reduce the digital environmental footprint. Take note!

  1. Empty your inbox. Spam or junk mail represents 85% to 95% of the email we receive. If you keep unsolicited messages like newsletters or promotions, you’re multiplying your environmental impact, so it’s important to organize your inbox and delete old items frequently.
  2. Reduce the size of attachments. A single email with attached documents, images or videos can emit up to 35 grams of CO2. In this case, it is recommended to reduce its weight with a compression tool or use a file transfer service such as WeTransfer.
  3. Limit time spent on social media. The use of social networks is also harmful to the planet, because everything we share (a selfiea GIF or simple like) consumes energy. An example: Facebook emits more than 645 million kilograms of CO2 per year, the same as 650,000 flights from Paris to New York.
  4. Delete old posts. Cleaning your data on social networks allows you to free up storage space and ultimately reduce your digital footprint. In addition to deleting media files, you can log out of groups you don’t use, delete chat conversations or call history.
  5. Disable videos from autoplaying. It’s no coincidence that TikTok and YouTube are two of the most polluting platforms, as fossil fuels such as gas and coal are used for video streaming. And what can you do? Go to settings, turn off autoplay and only consume content that interests you.
  6. Free up space on your devices. Electronic equipment manufacturing represents 78% of the carbon footprint, so it’s important to take care of them to extend their useful life. A simple way to improve its performance is to sort, classify and delete old files. And don’t forget to empty the recycle bin afterwards!
  7. Uninstall apps you don’t use. if any smart phone You should know that you are consuming memory and energy which affects the performance of your phone as it is full of apps that you do not use. Please delete these apps, turn off notifications and leave at least 1GB of free space for the system to run smoothly.
  8. Edit WhatsApp conversations. Do you know how many messages are exchanged per day via WhatsApp? Not less than 100,000 million, according to Mark Zuckerberg, owner of the platform. These messages take up space and smart phone slow. Therefore, it is recommended to delete the conversations and the files stored in them (photos, videos and audios).
  9. Delete voicemail messages. Sounds that accumulate in the mailbox also occur in digital files that take up space on servers. You can do this by contacting your phone operator or calling your usual voicemail number to delete them and free up space.
  10. give you a second chance smart phone. When you think it’s time to replace your phone, remember that every cell phone can have two or three chances if you send it to the circuit of the second life. You have three choices: donate, sell, or if it’s unavailable, throw it in one of the City Hall’s recycle bins.