if you are a lover birds and you like to have Pets it definitely crossed your mind to buy one cockatoo What pet. And this is a bird also very beautiful with the ability to create bonds very close to people such as budgies, budgies or canaries. But before you run adopting a cockatoo you should know what they are exotic animals therefore, it requires an array special care. In addition, cockatoos are very long-lived and Some species of cockatoos can live up to 70 years. (as are white cockatoo Hello gallery cockatoo), so it is very important to be completely safe and know all your information. properties before deciding to adopt a cockatoo as a pet.

Where do cockatoos come from?

This parrot (cacatuidae) is a family of popularly known psittaciform birds. cockatoos. This cockatoo It is a bird native primarily to Australasia, ranging from the Philippines and Indonesia to Australia and New Guinea.

Physical Characteristics of Cockatoos

This cockatoos They are medium/large birds and can reach up to 60 cm in length. fairiesAlso, cockatoos, which are usually much smaller. This cockatoos They are easily recognized by top on the head they usually display when excited or perched.

Also, cockatoos are a strong curved beak they often use it to climb branches. Another interesting feature of cockatoos is their zygodactyl foot, with two toes pointing forward and the other two backwards. Cockatoos have long wings that they can reach. Flight speeds up to 70 km/h.

they are different from parrots in many ways, but the main thing is its color, because cockatoos tend to have more matte colors its body is like black, white or gray and has more colored feathers on its crest, tail or cheeks.

cockatoo behavior

This cockatoos They are diurnal birds with a reputation for being many. scandalThey recognize each other or serve as a warning, as they make sharp and high-pitched sounds that they use to communicate with each other. This cockatoos they are very birds social and live in herds of thousands of individuals to help them find food. But the most curious thing is cockatoos are monogamouslike other bird species form very strong double bonds And it usually takes many years. Once they mate, cockatoos can lay up to five eggs, and the incubation period usually lasts 20 to 28 days.

What do cockatoos eat?

This cockatoos They feed on nuts and seeds such as rice, hemp, flax or corn. It should also not be missing feeding cockatoo fresh vegetables (chard, lettuce, carrot, sweet potato, pumpkin) and fruits, especially peaches, bananas and apples. It is also recommended to give them special feed and not eat eggplant, milk, potatoes, sweets and caffeine.

cockatoo care

like almost all animalshave pet cockatoo takes time and patience. The most important thing in care cockatoos and to respect the flight time of all birds and to stay out of their cages for at least three hours a day. This, accompanied by games and exercises, will strengthen the bond with its owner. we will admit that our cockatoo He began to trust us as he neared the summoning.

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This perfect cage for cockatoos rectangular, taller than wide, stainless steel and wide enough for him to move, play and feel safe. bars cockatoo cage There should be no more than two centimeters between them, so as not to poke his head and not get stuck.