Arrested in Lardero, alleged stalker of minors

joint operation between agents most Civil Guard Y local police by Lardero (Rioja) allowed custody and brought a 41-year-old man to justice. alleged perpetrator of harassment of minorsacting in this locality and others nearby.

As reported by the La Rioja Civil Guard in a note on Tuesday, at the end of last April, a complaints and many citizens warned of the presence of a man prowling near schools and parks in municipalities. La Rioja from Entrena, Lardero, Medrano and Navarrete.

Lardero, last October The murder of Álex, a 9-year-old boy, while playing in the park In the guise of a girl from the exorcist, where Francisco Javier Almeida, who was paroled after being convicted of murder and sexual assault in 1998, was arrested on charges of guilt.

The armed institute detailed The now-arrested alleged stalker, currently in pre-trial detention, had a disheveled appearancecovered with a hood, mask and sunglasses “with a clear intention to contact children” and ICame to appeal to a child under 12 years old.

Agents enabled response device to prevent new eventspaying particular attention to public spaces with a concentration of young people, such as parks and around schools.

Also established plain-clothes officers a “non-intrusive” pursuit of the minor who is allegedly harassedTo ensure your safety at the entrance and exit of your school.

Allowed controls the full identity of the alleged abuser, uniformed agents blocked his way for several days while driving through sensitive areas and at very low speed.

man showed a nervous demeanor and inappropriate answers to officers’ questionse, therefore, the suspect was subjected to strong police control, after which confirmed his “obsession” with one of the minorsAccording to the Civil Guard.

Also, during his night trips, he went to some portals where minors live or hide in the alleys of the municipality of Lardero, located in the metropolitan area of ​​Logroño, about 5 kilometers away.

This man was arrested on May 4, given the existence of sufficient rational indication or evidence. Allegedly, he accused him of harassing minors, after which he was placed at the disposal of the judicial authority that ordered him to enter temporary prison, served and released on bail.

Investigative sources told Efe that the detainee was Lardero’s neighbor and had no police record of sexual offenses or abuse of minors.

According to the preliminary data of the investigation, on 28 October the municipality of Lardero was in great turmoil when Almeida cheated on little Álex to his home in this town.

On August 17, 2023, Almeida’s sentence for the 1998 murder and sexual assault of a young real estate agent in Logroño ended; and was sentenced to seven years in prison for another sexual assault charge in 1993.

On November 4, he was transferred from Logroño prison to Segovia prison, where he remained imprisoned.

Source: Informacion


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