11kg gummy bear impregnated with hallucinogen ‘La bomba’ intervenes in Malaga

There is the National Police intervened in the province 11kg gummy bear impregnated with Malaga 25N-NBOMea powerful hallucinogen known on the street Bomb It is used as an alternative to LSD and MDMA. The investigation of the Specialized and Violent Crimes Unit (UDEV) in Torremolinos-Benalmádena, a framework created in the second municipality of Coín and Alhaurín el Grande, Cártama and Málaga that would be dedicated drug trafficking at international level through their posts parcel. There are seven detainees.

An investigation was launched after a large number of people were identified. suspicious packages and envelopes contain drugs had been deposited Correos de Benalmádena and Torremolinos street mailboxes dependent abroad. After obtaining judicial clearance, investigators opened 209 packages and letters they contain 1.762 grams different from narcotic design, in different formats and layouts. As they explain, letters included fictitious company logos or from companies that don’t have an address to give it a legit look. Many of the packages had fake customs content declaration stickers printed on a conventional printer.

Then, a new dialog is alerted another 252 posts with the same formats and who scored the opening 1,941 grams of poisonous substance and psychotropics. Most are derived controlled substancesthat is, they have similar effects on consumers as MDMA, ketamine, cocaine or mephedrone, but with minor changes in their composition that make them new, and are therefore off the official list of the Single Convention on Narcotics.


Investigators managed to identify the leader of the organization. British resident in Alhaurín el Grande collected all the necessary materials for the shipments and used a few collaborators to deliver the mail mailboxes. Done seven records in various homes, farms, warehouses and facilities Benalmadena, Cartama, Alhaurin el Grande and Malaga. accompanying these processes. seven arrests and its intervention 11 kilos of marshmallows impregnated with 25N-NBOMe, 3.700 grams of poisonous substance and psychotropic, more two kilos cannabis and 1,065 grams and 500 milliliters of cutting agent. 900 euros in cash, a motor vehicle, computer equipment, several scales, a press, a packaging machine and shipping materials were also found.

The National Police announced that 25N-NBOMe is a hallucinogenic substance known as La Bomba, which is sold as an alternative to LSD or mescaline, despite comparisons to MDMA. “There are several variations of this drug, but 25I-NBOMe is the strongest and most abused formThey added, “Because the effects in the organism are for a very long time, 12 hours or more.” Torremolinos Investigation Court No. 1 is aware of this investigation pending the opening of 126 more envelopes.

In Information Medicines-HIVA portal to inform people with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus about the recreational use of drugs. First detected in Spain in February 2016which date Sold like LSD. They describe it as phenylethylamine, a psychedelic stimulant 20 times more potent than 2CB, known as Nexus or trippy pills. Among the desired effects, stimulating and psychedelic powerappearing among the undesirable acute psychotic episodes, panic attacks, pictures of depersonalization or insomniaAdd the portal.

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