Two men from a roaming group of Rolex thieves have been arrested in Benidorm

This National Police stoped Benidorm A 28-year-old Romanian couple has been sued for the “loving theft” of a 15,000-euro Rolex watch from a 62-year-old Dutch tourist. The police see them as members of a group. travel group they devoted themselves to stealing such high-end watches with the “loving embrace” method, and if they failed, they did not hesitate to use violence to achieve their goals.

The arrested suspect had two search and arrest warrants in effect for two separate violent Rolex robberies of 38,900 euros and another Rolex for 12,000 euros in Malaga state. Both have records of similar incidents and the arrested young woman is wanted for multiple crimes under four different identities.

The arrest of the couple was carried out by the police teams. Specialized Crime IV. group Benidorm Judicial Police Brigade. They were serving in a camouflaged car when they encountered the wanted Seat Ibiza on April 26 for alleged involvement in a Rolex theft committed in the USA. lepanto street from Benidorm.

Investigators followed the car. suspicious and they found that as they passed through the English region of Benidorm, they slowed down significantly to approach older people walking alone. Everything indicates that they are looking for victims like high quality wrist watches to steal them.

The car turned a few times and when it went that way albir The road was stopped by the police and the contents were arrested for theft committed on ─░nebaht─▒ Caddesi. According to the complainant, a young woman grabbed his arm and pretended to hug him. But what he did was take his Rolex and flee to Seat Ibiza, where the other young man now arrested was waiting for him.

Source: Informacion


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