There are already four shows you can watch all of: 03.05-09.05 series of the week

We at like to watch TV shows with enthusiasm and we are sure that there are some of you who miss an episode a week. For your convenience, we tell you – as briefly as possible – which programs have ended on Mondays and are waiting for you to open them in the last seven days.

The Plainville Girl – Miniseries

Drama based on the true story of a girl who sends her boyfriend to suicide by texting. She played Elle Fanning in the lead role.

Where to see: hulu

Savages – Season 2

A sequel to a survival thriller about teenagers on a deserted (alleged) island.

Where to see: Amazon Prime Video

Clark – miniseries

The crime drama with Bill Skarsgard is about a gangster sympathetic to the criminal who holds hostages for six days in the building of a Swedish bank (a phenomenon later dubbed the “Stockholm syndrome”).

Where to see: Netflix

Moon Knight – mini-series

The Marvel series is about a man who suffers from dissociative identity disorder and becomes an avatar of the Egyptian moon god. Starring Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke.

Where to see: Disney+

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