Russian immunologist warns of increase in post-COVID symptoms

Immunologist Bolibok says the number of post-Covid symptoms has risen to 203

Over the entire period of the pandemic, the number of post-Covid symptoms has grown to 203. Of these, about 60 may persist for more than six months. Allergist immunologist Vladimir Bolibok warned the Russians about this, his words are quoted by

According to a meta-analysis conducted in early 2021, 80 percent of individuals infected with SARS-CoV-2 developed one or more conditions, and these lasted for more than 110 days, i.e. an average of about four months. spokesman. said specialist.

He noted that fatigue was one of the most common symptoms, 58 percent of the cases, headache 44 percent and impaired attention 27 percent.

According to Bolibok, some patients may lose their ability to work due to the post-COVID syndrome, and there are cases where people have had to quit their jobs due to health problems.

Previously, immunologist Nikolai Kryuchkov said it is worth undergoing anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant therapy to prevent post-COVID syndrome. According to him, this will help prevent complications after infection and support body systems that suffer from chronic diseases.

Source: Lenta


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