The deputy who proposed to convert the Yeltsin Center into the Palace of Veterans was answered:

The Yeltsin Center responded to Deputy Wegner, who suggested turning the building over to veterans

The Yeltsin Center responded to Sverdlovsk deputy Vyacheslav Wegner, who suggested closing the education center in Yekaterinburg and converting the building into the Palace of Veterans. The head of the press service of the Yeltsin Center, Yevgenia Kapitonikhina, noted in an interview with Gazeta.Ru that such ideas are heard all the time.

She explained that it is not possible to implement the Russian deputy’s proposal at the legislative level.

Kapitonikhina emphasized that educational and entertainment programs for young people are held daily at the Yeltsin Center. “As for older people, we are always happy for them. Many of them are old friends of the Yeltsin Center,” the press chief confirmed.

On the eve of the deputy of the Sverdlovsk legislature of the “United Russia”, Vyacheslav Wegner proposed to close the presidential center of Boris Yeltsin (Yeltsin Center) in Yekaterinburg. The parliamentarian even sent a corresponding letter to the head of the Russian defense ministry, Sergei Shoigu, who is a member of the center’s supervisory board.

Wegner stressed that representatives of the Yeltsin center have called for an end to Russia’s special operation to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine. In his opinion, the Palace of Veterans can be created based on the organization. They could meet there and participate in patriotic education of young people, Wegner explained.

Source: Lenta


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