The Russians have earned on the fall of the ruble

More than half of Russian investors made money on the fall of the ruble

More than half (56 percent) of Russian investors benefited from the sharp fall in the ruble’s value as a result of the situation in Ukraine. At the same time, 44 percent lost some of their savings as a result, writes Izvestia, citing the results of an survey.

On average, investors could earn 30-35 percent of the investment amount on a change in the exchange rate, said Igor Fedosenko, head of the sales and customer operations group at PSB. Due to the crisis in the Russian stock market, 52 percent lost money, about 15 percent of them lost more than half of their invested portfolio.

It is also noted that 48 percent of investors plan to buy shares of Russian companies at a low price. Also, every third-party investor keeps at least a portion of their savings in cryptocurrency.

On March 24, the Russian stock market opened 0.01 percent after a month-long hiatus. Then the market went up. According to the results of the first day of trading, it rose 4.43 percent – to 2579.99 points.

Source: Lenta


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