How do the US and Europe supply the Ukrainian Armed Forces with weapons and ammunition?

“High-precision long-range air and sea-based weapons destroyed six traction electric substations in the areas of Pobortsy, Lvov, Volovets, Timkovo and Pyatikhatka railway stations, through which weapons were supplied to the Ukrainian contingent in the Donbas. and ammunition produced in the USA and European countries,” he said.

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense announced the destruction of a railway substation in Lviv, where there was a stage with American 155-mm shells.

“Lviv direction is one of the main transport logistics of Western weapons supplied to Ukraine. Previously, the Carpathian Military District of the USSR Armed Forces was located here, along with numerous training grounds (the most famous is Yavorovsky), army warehouses and arsenals. The Lviv region is considered the “rear” during Russian special operations, and it looks like an ideal place for the subsequent dispatch of foreign weapons to the war zone,” said Sergey Belousov, a member of the Collegium of Military Experts.

The expert pointed out that although officially Ukraine’s skies remain clear at the moment, neither passenger nor transport aircraft appeared there after February 24. And if before that NATO delivered weapons directly to Kiev and other Ukrainian cities by air, then with the start of a special military operation, only ground transport, including rail, is used for these purposes.

A large logistics base for the storage of weapons has been created in the Polish city of Rzeszow, 146 km from Lviv. Weapons and ammunition are delivered there by air. Military transport aircraft of the USA, UK, Germany, France and Italy are participating. Also, the equipment is delivered along the Rzeszow-Lviv railway line.

Another transport corridor to Lviv passes from Slovakia via the Uzhok Pass in the Transcarpathian region and the Carpathians. Bratislava supplied Kiev with a number of weapons, including the S-300 anti-aircraft missile battalion, and also signed a contract for the repair and modernization of damaged Ukrainian armored vehicles. The route runs from the Slovak city of Kosice to the Ukrainian Mukachevo and then to Lviv. “His distrust is the Beskydy railway tunnel in the mountains, in case of damage this route will be blocked,” Belousov said. Said.

A large storage base for NATO ammunition for Ukraine was also created in Lublin, Poland, from which they were moved to the neighboring Volyn region (about 230 km from the regional center, to the city of Lutsk). Further passes pass through the Rivne region, where it is stored at the Novaya Lubomirka combined arms training ground and other military installations.

“The accuracy of Russian missiles in disabling the military infrastructure of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is due to the fact that all its coordinates are well known. The Ukrainian army places the weapons and ammunition it receives in former Soviet warehouses. All the coordinates of these objects are preserved on the maps of the Russian General Staff, so to carry out a targeted strike, it is enough to notice the activity in the movement of goods or manpower, ”military expert Vladislav Shurygin told

The expert noted that in Soviet times, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the USSR worked on ways to move troops and transport ammunition in case of hostilities with NATO, including in the territory of countries neighboring the Soviet Union.

“These plans are built to the west, but it is enough to turn the map upside down and see all possible channels for the supply of weapons. Accordingly, if earlier the military had to think about protecting transport communications, now the strategy is based on taking them out of action, ”added Shurygin.

It took part in the arms supply program to Ukraine and Romania. As the Romanian National newspaper reports, it is mostly transported by train from the military unit’s warehouses in Chorogyrle, where old equipment not used in the Romanian army is stored.

“Routes for arms supply could extend from Ukraine to Romania through the export of agricultural products. For this, in addition to rail and road transport through the Ivano-Frankivsk region, barges along the Danube are used.

At the same time, it is rather difficult to estimate the true volume of Western military assistance to the Ukrainian army.

“It is known that since the beginning of the year Ukraine has supplied a huge amount of weapons, including 600 Stinger MANPADS, 2600 Javelin ATGMs, 40 million shells, one million grenades, mines and shells, 70 Humvees. Armored vehicles. The new $800 million weapons package is even more impressive. The only question is its delivery to the territory of the country where the special operations took place. Announcing deliveries is one thing, making them is another,” political analyst Valery Volkov told

As US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin admitted, the US does not have the ability to fully control who gets the Western weapons and military equipment supplied to Ukraine. “For accountability, we have to trust the Ukrainians at this stage, starting from the fact that they will do the right thing, act prudently and carefully, deploy these weapons and be responsible for them.” He said it at a hearing in the US Congress.

Eduard Basurin, the official representative of the DPR people’s militia, told that some of these weapons have already fallen into the hands of the republican army.

“The Ukrainian army has a lot of foreign weapons and ammunition. This can be judged by the amount we caught in trophies. And if at the very beginning of the special operation these were single instances, then with the development of the attack their number turned into hundreds and more. We periodically show various foreign weapons and ammunition, but I will not give the exact number so as not to upset the American Secretary of War. NATO weapons being destroyed in Ukraine. Or he goes to our army. “The supply will not help the Ukrainian army win, but it may delay the course of hostilities,” he said.

The Russian Ministry of Defense said that Russian military attacks destroyed six traction power substations on the railways with high-precision air and sea-based weapons, thereby supplying the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Donbass with foreign military equipment and ammunition. “” figured out how weapons from NATO countries got to Ukraine.

Source: Gazeta


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