Marta Riesco has disappeared again from the ‘AR show’ as her colleagues step forward and demand proof

Rocío Carrasco’s denial that he called Marta Riesco during a dinner at ‘Sálvame’ yesterday took a tremendous turn in history. eldest taught daughter some pictures from the restaurant’s security cameras They removed the reporter theory from the ‘AR program’It was actually Luis Pliego, the director of Lecturas magazine, who categorically stated that Carrasco had contacted him. According to Marta, Rocio had offered her to give a tribute concert to her mother, which would never have happened, because in any case it was an offer from Pliego.

Faced with this new shock of history, the journalist who followed the fair in Seville, Seems to have disappeared from ‘The AR Show’ again. In the midst of her absence, Marta’s friends in the pink chronicle today turned away from her: “As of today, Marta Riesco has the ball and must show the hidden ace. Or we will face a second lie. First, “he spoke with Rocío Carrasco,” Alessandro Lequio expressed very directly.

“It seemed very unlikely that someone would invent such a thing. But there will be creativity or something…“, Antonio Rossi expressed for himself, which raises some questions: “There is a real question. And it was called. At what point do you come to call him? With what intention?” Cristina Tárrega asked Riesco for proof in her own way: “This seems a bit ridiculous to me. But as of today, Marta has to show us that she’s talking to Rocío Carrasco.”

Sandra Lago was stronger: “Rocío blatantly denied it (…) Marta Riesco’s is a comment that is the result of minimal conversation and some messages. Like all comments, it is subject to interests and a set of conditions. “. “What is done is to quote a journalist’s proposal and put it in Rocío Carrasco’s mouth.“The lake has been criticized.

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