US may ban abortion: A company sells data of women who visit these clinics

This Tuesday, the alarm was raised when it was leaked that the United States Supreme Court could overturn the sentence establishing the constitutional right to abortion. Although the judicial decision has not been finalized yet, there are already those who see this decline. women’s rights opportunity to sell data those who applied to clinics termination of pregnancy to criminalize them.

The ‘motherboard’ portal discovered a data management company through the apps installed on it. mobile phonetake the place of people. Thanks to this information, they can find out who goes to the abortion clinics, how long they stay there and where they go later, and they can calculate where they live. This data is then sold to both insurers thirsty to learn the clinical history of their potential customers, and third parties and government agencies thirsty to serve or refuse them.

the company in question Safe Graph. ‘Motherboard’ was able to communicate with him and was able to purchase a week’s worth of location data from over 600 stores in Turkey for just $160 (about 151 euros). Planned Parenthood, a non-profit organization providing reproductive health services, sex education and abortion.

It’s not the first time SafeGraph has entered the eye of the hurricane. ‘Motherboard’ was also able to see this controversial company track tens of millions of US cell phones and sell that data to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to find out if citizens are following quarantine measures. This public agency responsible for combating the Covid-19 pandemic has paid up to $420,000 for this data.

abortion regression

The U.S. Supreme Court – in the hands of the conservative majority backed by Donald Trump – noted that the draft leaked Tuesday was “true”, but said it was from February and did not represent the “final position” of the highest body. Judgment in the country expected from June to July. decision of the caseKaraca vs. Wade‘, 1973 set the precedent legalizing abortion at the federal level. Confirming the revocation, in the words of President Joe Biden, marks the end of almost 50 years of that “fundamental” right.

Even so, the right to abort pregnancy for months in the most conservative states of the United States has suffered a significant setback. This is the case of Texas, which made abortion illegal six weeks later. Oklahoma joined that list last April, banning abortion. breach and incest punishable by fines and imprisonment of up to ten years. This criminalization has forced some women living in these states – those who can afford it – to travel to others where access is easier.

In these cases, location data can be key in identifying women who have abortions and the clinics that provide this service. Giving them a face and a name could be a way to persecute them if the Supreme Court chooses to outlaw abortion altogether. In states like Missouri, there are those who are even considering banning helping other people get abortions in other states. So there is precedent to think that this tool could serve as a weapon for anti-abortion activists –evangelical christiansIt follows women and their ‘accomplices’ – many of whom want to have abortions. “It’s insanely dangerous to have abortion clinics and let someone buy the census to know where the people who visit them are coming from,” researcher Zach Edwards told ‘Motherboard’.

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