Expensive smartphones have become extremely popular

Counterpoint: Premium smartphone sales up 24 percent in 2021

The sale of expensive smartphones reached a record in the history of statistics in 2021. This is reported in the Counterpoint report.

The analyst firm found that by 2021, global sales of premium smartphones have risen sharply by 24 percent year-on-year. This segment alone accounted for a record 27 percent of global handset sales. Devices worth $400 or more began to be attributed to this category.

“The popularity of the premium market is driven by a combination of many factors, including upgrade demand, manufacturers’ strategies and supply chain dynamics,” said Tarun Pathak, director of research. According to the expert, demand was fueled by the availability of premium phones in developed countries and the desire of consumers from developing countries to purchase a device with 5G support.

The segment leader was called Apple, which took a 60 percent share. The American company also led the market in 2020 with a share of 55 percent. Samsung is in second place with 17 percent and Huawei is in third place with 6 percent.

“Going forward, driven by replacement demand in all markets, the premium segment is likely to continue to grow and outpace the growth of the global smartphone market,” said Varun Mishra, Senior Analyst at Counterpoint. According to the expert, the popularity of foldable smartphones will stimulate further growth of the segment.

Earlier, Omdia experts said that Samsung Galaxy and iPhone smartphones were included in the list of the most popular phones in the global market by 2021. The most popular device on the market was the Samsung Galaxy A12.

Source: Lenta


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