Medinsky urged to reduce the number of entertainment programs on Russian TV

President Medinsky’s assistant urged to reduce the number of entertainment programs on TV

Assistant to the President of Russia and head of the Russian delegation to the talks with Ukraine, Vladimir Medinsky, called for a reduction in the number of entertainment programs on Russian television and replacement with Soviet films. His words are reported by TASS.

“We have members of the committee – representatives of TV channels, I bring you a call from the floor: colleagues, let’s still have less entertainment programs. It somehow looks rather ridiculous in our time “, said Medinsky.

Instead of entertainment programs, the presidential adviser called for Soviet films to be broadcast on Russian television. “Even foreign good cinema without copyrights – who needs these copyrights now? People will thank you,” he added.

According to Medinsky, Russia today faces “the greatest challenge in history” and “we must act in accordance with this challenge.” “We live with you in the history book today, right inside. And if we continue to live with you the old way, without mobilizing and rebuilding, then I think we’ll realize we’re living in its final chapter. And it’s not a fact that this chapter will be written in Russian,” he said.

Earlier, on February 25, it was announced that Channel One has changed its broadcast schedule in favor of social and political programming. Similar measures were taken by the TV channel “Russia 1”.

Source: Lenta


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