Alicante woman looking for love on “First Dates” because there is “too much cheating” among lesbians in Alicante

Carolina25-year-old living Colombian veterinarian and dancer Alicantecame this week”First Dates“He wants to give love another chance, he was quite skeptical about it. And as he admitted to the MC, Charles Sovereignwhere do you live there too much infidelity in the areathen it’s better to be alone than in bad company”.

your date creationA 27-year-old, single, Latin dance teacher with a daughter, originally from the Canary Islands but living in Madrid.

Genesis and Caroline

The woman from Alicante admitted at first: she was not a prototype of a womanWhile Genesis remains dazed From the first minute, he admitted that he felt a “monster” next to him when he saw her so well-groomed and majestic.

However, despite the fact that the woman from Alicante was very kind, there was a connection during the appointment. extrovert and the canary, much more Shy.

Dance of Carolina and Genesis

A latin dance After dinner, he confirmed that there was a spark between them. At the moment of final judgment, both with great complicity, they said yes to a second date.

And hand in hand they left the program, “that the night is young”.

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