Joe surprises with ‘First dates’ implant: ‘This is an artificial organ to sense echolocation’

Charles Sovereign taken at the restaurant ‘first dates’ to José, 26, who, as she explained in her presentation on the dating show, has always had “weird” and “far-off” tastes.

“I tended to lock myself in a cabinet in the nursery to escape the world, seeking peace,” said Joe, a name he used in his daily life on some of the footage. “In that respect, it’s harder to find someone when you want to get along”.

The piercings she wore on the contestant’s cheekbones caught the attention of Sobera, who wanted to know more about them: “I’ve never seen what was there.” What the presenter did not expect was Joe’s surprising response: “They’re implants. There’s a much larger plate underneath than it appears”.

“What do you mean plate?” Sobera asked the artist in amazement, who explained the function of the implant in question. he asked: “It is an artificial organ to feel echolocation and this is where the motor is applied”. “You’re perceiving a little more than necessary. We use 10% of the brain, that perception expands.”

On ‘first dates’ she met 25-year-old non-binary Kilian: “I don’t feel like a man or a woman.” The evening passed normally, but none of them wanted to go on a second romantic date. “Emotionally-sexually, maybe I’m not considering a second date, but we have a lot in common and it would be nice to be in touch”Killian explained.

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