This was Pocholo’s date on First Dates.

Pocholo went to First Dates in 2016 and he was in an interview with Jorge Javier Vázquez on Friday Deluxe yesterday. He remembered how his experience on the show was when he met Alona, a young Ukrainian woman 28 years younger than him. Pocholo went to the Carlos Sobera show because it seems that love had resisted him lately. Days before ‘first dates’, days before revealing the details of what the date would be like, she opened her mouth. It looked good: we knew that the girl Pocholo was dating would be much younger than him and a foreigner, so he wouldn’t know that Pocholo was famous in Spain. Also, the hyperactive hippie from Ibiza is a A game where only he knows the rules.

This waste of energyActive as we are used to, she dazzled viewers, revolutionized social networks, and surprised her lover Alona, ​​a 30-year-old Marbella resident.

Pocholo’s proposed game consisted of: Take the number 69 with some dice. The experiment failed, but Pocholo lives in his own world and has declared himself a winner. After a lively dinner, the public waited, biting their nails, for the final decision. We already knew that Pocholo was like that but would Alona want to date ‘Pocho’ again? Love knows no age and Alona said yes, Pocholo piqued her curiosity and would meet her again to satisfy her.

However, the moment of maximum enthusiasm was when the Baron de Gotor noticed a boy sitting a few tables away and shouted, “Wake up, our lives are running out!” It was done with a shout. while patting his back.

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