This Celtic He announced that he will leave this Wednesday. Santi Mina from the first team training session after the daylight most sentence that sentenced the actor to four years in prison for sexual abuse. They also convey their decision to open a “disciplinary case” from A Sede to the striker to “clarify their job responsibilities in the light of the solution”.

In the announcement, a presence from Vigo highlights: Santi Mina will be removed “temporarily” “on a precautionary basis” “Without prejudice to the continuation of activities specified by the club for this purpose”.

Add Celta, which respects the right of defense. Santi Mina, whose defense has already been approved, has announced that she will appeal the sentence.however, they “have to guard against facts that badly tarnish the club’s image and directly attack its values”. The club underlines that it “strongly denies” sexual abuse charges. As set forth in the judgment of the Third Section of the County Court.


Santi Mina became Sentenced to 4 years in prison for sexual abuse Against a young woman in the Almeria municipality of Mojácar in June 2017. The magistrates of the third division of the Almería State Court acquitted her of sexual assault, as requested by the Prosecutor’s Office and the special prosecution, considering that she had not acted with violence or intimidation.

Exceltic David Goldar also acquittedaccused as necessary collaborator in the same case.

Likewise, the court presided over by magistrate Társila Martínez awarded Mina compensation. 50,000 € and a 12-year ban on approaching or communicating with or approaching the victim within 500 meters.