Gosha Kutsenko complained about a debt of tens of millions of rubles

Russian actor Gosha Kutsenko complained about debt of 24 million rubles

Russian actor Gosha Kutsenko complained about a debt of 24 million rubles. He spoke about this in the program of the “Gossip column” of the fifth channel.

The artist recalled that in 2006 he was the producer of the comedy “Savages”. Kutsenko borrowed money for the production of the painting and also took out a mortgage on his mansion. It is known that just one ad of the film cost more than a million dollars. However, the tape did not bear fruit at the box office and brought huge losses to the star. Kutsenko bought his house from the bank, but remained indebted to the main creditor.

According to the 54-year-old actor, he now has to work 20 hours a day to pay off the debt. “Honestly, I want to sleep. Give me five more years to sleep, sleep, rest when I retire,” Kutsenko said.

In late 2021, Gosha Kutsenko said he was no longer appearing on Channel One due to a damaged relationship with management. The artist explained that he “don’t really like being on the show”, and after a series of refusals to shoot in certain projects, he became persona non grata on the channel.

Source: Lenta


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