Moscow lawyer sent to prison for defrauding 62 million rubles

In Moscow, the court detained the suspect accused of embezzling 62 million rubles from the lawyer’s bank

Moscow’s Presnensky Court arrested lawyer Yulia Lyga for two months, accused of fraud with a view to stealing 62.5 million rubles, which could be confiscated in favor of the state. That reports “Kommersant”.

Sergei Kotov, Mikhail Nechaev and Olga Raslina, adviser to the command of the Moscow military unit, are also involved in the case, which was brought on March 17, along with the lawyer. According to investigators, using false documents, they stole cash in various currencies from a bank cell totaling 62.5 million rubles, owned by ex-colonel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Yevgeny Kashmatov, who was sentenced to 11 years in prison for corruption. .

They tried several times to get his savings out of the cell. Lawyer Margarita Martirosyan handed over a false power of attorney to manage the vault, for which she was sentenced to six months. Lyga was detained by the FSB in her Moscow apartment. She does not admit her guilt.

Source: Lenta


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