Kazakhstan’s capital was cut off from the rest of the country

Kazakhstan blocks all roads to Nur-Sultan due to bad weather

The capital of Kazakhstan was cut off from the outside world due to the overlap of overland routes for cars. According to data from Kazakhavtodor, highways to Nur-Sultan are blocked.

According to local media reports, there is almost no visibility around the Kazakh capital due to the bad weather. Snowstorm and ice interrupted road traffic on the morning of March 23 and now most roads are blocked by emergency services.

First of all, the metropolitan region – Akmola region – fell under the battle of the elements. It is now impossible to leave it in any direction. Roads to Karaganda, Pavlodar, Kokshetau and Atbasar are blocked.

Meanwhile, meteorologists in Moscow predicted a change from sunny weather to mostly cloudy weather by March 25. There is a chance of rain on the weekend.

Source: Lenta


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