St. Petersburg authorities named 04:30 as the most likely cause of death of a female student in the class.

The deputy governor of the city Irina Potekhina wrote on her page on the social network “in contact”It was learned that the girl who died in a physical education class in St. Petersburg had a genetic disease.

Previously, St. In the Vyborgsky district of St. Petersburg, a seventh grader perished when running in physical education. He escaped the race and fell while running with a “snake”. Paramedics who arrived at the scene determined that the child was dead. Alexander Bastrykin, later head of the Russian Investigative Committee instructed to report about the circumstances of the girl’s death.

According to Potekhina, the final result of the pathoanatomical examination is not yet ready, as long studies are required.

“First of all, the cause of death of a child is called a genetic disease that medicine has not yet learned how to treat,” the deputy governor wrote.

He explained that the child had previously shown no symptoms and that it was impossible to diagnose the disease as part of a standard school medical examination.

The deputy governor noted that teachers and school doctors knew about the child’s health problems only from what the student’s parents had told them.

Source: Gazeta


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