carlos alcaraz will play the final this sunday indian wells before russian Daniel Medvedev After beating the Italian Jannik Sinner, who made his job very difficult in the first set on Saturday and succumbed to the formidable power of the Spaniards in the second set.

Alcaraz, 19 years old, defeated in the semi-finals sinner21, 7-6 (4) and 6-3 in one hour and 52 minutes to qualify for the first Masters 1000 final of the season.

Defeating Rafa Nadal in the Indian Wells semifinals in 2022, Alcaraz will not only have the option of being crowned in the California desert, but with a win. he will take back the world’s number one player, now held by Serbian Novak Djokovic.

Now a formidable challenge looms before him: A graceful Medvedev defeating American Frances Tiafoe in the semifinals (7-5 and 6-4) and winning 19 consecutive matches and winning three tournaments in a row (Rotterdam, Doha and Dubai).

However Murcian who played only once against Medvedev (a loss at Wimbledon two years ago) has already gotten used to the big lights and being dazzled in the toughest moments.

Alcaraz has arrived in California doubts about injury In the hamstrings he suffered in the final in Rio de Janeiro.

But, The young man showed a great competitive spirit and great responsiveness. To be in the final without losing a single set in this edition of Indian Wells.

If he wins the so-called ‘fifth Grand Slam’, Alcaraz will attend rafael nadal As the second player in history to win three Masters 1000s Before he turned 20 (Nadal got 6 and Alcaraz is already victorious in Miami and Madrid).

Alcaraz faced off in an almost full midfield and some Spanish flags between the stands. a Sinner is also called to lead the next generation and the number of tennis players with whom he has had some sensational duels in the past.

“It was a great match. Jannik is a great actor. It pushes me to improve, it allows me to play at my highest level. That’s why we played great games,” said Alcaraz, drawing attention to the track as soon as the match was over.

13 in the world rankings and beating their previous four matches against Alcaraz 2-2, Sinner defeated him in the Umag final in 2022. and eliminated him in the second round at Wimbledon.

But in the quarterfinals of the US Open Sinner succumbs to Alcaraz after a thrilling encounter lasted more than five hours, and it ended at three in the morning in New York.

Disable Sinner

Murcian warns in preview The “most dangerous” of the sinner is the pressure and aggression of his blowswhich makes every rally a challenge of great difficulty.

Alcaraz was so good at its description because Sinner started the game by pulling very hard and without rationing efforts.

The Spaniard wasn’t far behind either, he was very confident at the start and both players held their first serve with relative ease.

The first moment of tension for the sinner, A couple of bugs that caused the first ‘intermediate’ ball to appear for Alcaraz (30-40 and 2-2), but he got a direct kick in the arm to get away with it.

But, Italian stumbles again with another double mistake and gave the first time-out for the Spaniard with a regression to the net (3-2).

Alcaraz’s joy did not last long, he made several mistakes in a row and soon lost his serve in a scoreless game (4-4).

Both players increased their advantage several live rallies with master forehandsservices such as very hard blows and cannonballs.

In the match marked by intense equality, Sinner took a point behind the rest after a few misses from Alcaraz, but He saved by climbing the net from El Palmar and sent the first sleeve to the ‘tie break’.

There he raised his arms Alcaraz is thinner in the moments that matter A set that both could take and ended in a great backstroke crossed the line.

The win in the first set gave a significant morale boost to Alcaraz, who started to play more loosely, more comfortably and more fluently.

For this reason, Juan Carlos Ferrero’s student broke Sinner’s serve in the first lap of the second set. and he began to replace perfectly delicious left-handed hands, needle-sharp forehands, and some balloons falling from the sky just in time.

In fact, it was one of the excellent lobs that resulted in a great rally.e Alcaraz won 3-0 leaving the Indian Wells audience in their mouths open.

Sinner didn’t throw the towel until the end, but eventually gave up on Alcaraz, who closed the game with great confidence. just one step away from that victory Number one in Indian Wells and in the world.