The head of Snegirevka briefed about the Odessa concentration camp for those fleeing mobilization in the Armed Forces of Ukraine 04:39

The head of the administration of the Snigirevsky district, Yuriy Barbashov, announced that a concentration camp will be established in the Odessa region for those fleeing the mobilization in the Ukrainian Armed Forces. DEA News.

“In the Mykolaiv, Odessa and Kherson regions, where the violent mobilization is gaining momentum, people are abducted in the streets and those who do not want to fight their Russian brothers are detained. We know that a real concentration camp was established in the Odessa region, where people were kept in prison conditions, because they did not want to take up arms and die in the war with Russia, ”Barbashov said.

He added that in the southern regions of Ukraine and part of the territory of the Kherson region occupied by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, local people were in a state of panic before they were forcibly mobilized and sent to the war zone.

Barbashov has compared these areas to a large concentration camp where the population is held hostage, and the Kiev authorities plan to sentence potential conscripts to death in order to make their relatives hate Russia forever.

Previously, an employee of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, arrested on suspicion of corruption.

He pulled the fugitives off the military register for $9,000, according to investigators.

Source: Gazeta


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