Parliamentary elections started in Kazakhstan 04:40

General elections for deputies of the lower house of the parliament and maslikhats (local representative power bodies) at all levels have started in Kazakhstan. interfax.

As of 07:00 in Astana (4:00 in Moscow time), 13 ballot boxes started to vote in 8,272 ballot boxes in the regions and in the representations of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 12 foreign countries, including the Consulate General in Omsk. Konstantin Petrov, Chairman of the Central Election Commission of the Republic, TASS.

It was reported that the majority of 10.2 thousand polling stations (77 out of the country) in the Republican regions opened to vote at 07:00 local time, but some polling stations set the voting start time as 06:00. At the same time, all polling stations will close at 20:00 local time and vote counting will begin.

12.3 million people are required to vote.

Source: Gazeta


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