Pope in Congo: “Silence the guns”

“Do silence the guns, end the war. Enough! Enough to enrich yourself at the expense of the weakest, enough to enrich yourself with resources and blood money!”. This is how Pope Francis from Congo criticized this Tuesday looting multinationals and local leaders Arm Africa’s riches and citizens in an increasingly powerful attack against those thought to be responsible for plagues such as hunger, inequality and wars troublesome to the African continent.

“I make a fierce appeal to all people, to all internal and external organizations“Those who pull the strings of the war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, who plunder, flog and destabilize it,” Francisco said. “Joyful they get rich through exploitation “The illegal use of this country’s assets and the bloody sacrifice of innocent victims.”

The Pope made this statement in Khinsasa after hearing the Pope’s statements. four victims including accounts of the conflict in the Vatican’s communiqué in the country mutilations, rapes and massacres. Shocking testimonies of the re-ignited conflict with conflicts in the country Between the army and various militias.

put something in pieces

“Sometimes, confused minds with animal meat. it was our meal Another victim, 16-year-old Ladislas Kambale Kombi, was “torn to pieces” while claiming to helplessly aid the murder of her father. , according to the news compiled by the AFP agency.

“In the view inhuman violence those who have seen it with their own eyes and experienced it in their own flesh, we are impressed. And there are no words; Just cry, be quiet,” Francis later replied. “His tears are my tears, his pain is my pain,” said the Pope, “and begged forgiveness. male violence”.

In line with this logic, Francisco once again pointed out that they consider themselves guilty of this situation. war, “a insatiable greed for raw materials money and money that fuels an armed economy that demands instability and corruption“Francis thought. “It is shameful and worthless to know that the insecurity, violence and war that has so tragically affected so many people is fueled not only by outside forces but also by internal forces for profit and gain.”


Nail unusually harsh words and clearHours after the Pope was greeted by a colorful and multidimensional crowd (more than a million people) on the promenade of N’dolo airport in Khinsasa. An act in which Francis gives a speech largely focused on his idea forgive.

“In a world ravaged by violence and war, peace is born when the wounds are not healed. traces of hate, but they become a place to make room for others and admit their weaknesses,” he said from there. “it’s not about leaving everything behind As if nothing had happened, nothing more than to open our hearts to others with love,” Francisco added, in a gesture that said it was unknown how many people would listen.

Source: Informacion


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