Far-right enters Brazilian Congress shouting “out with Lula”

The repercussions of the January 8 coup attempt seem far from extinguished in Brazil. elected deputies extreme right They went to Congress this Wednesday with “Out with Lula” and “Thief” signs at the opening of legislative sessions, it is worn on their suits and dresses. still when Not even a month has passed since the attack on the three forces.State in Brasilia, parliamentarians close to former President Jair Bolsonaro committed themselves to insulting the figure of the current executive authority. More in tune with the former Army captain, the rigor of the lectern must have felt empowered in his own words. Hours ago, Bolsonaro personally attended a US event of the conservative organization Yes Brazil USA. opportunity anticipated Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva it will be short. “You can be sure we will know soon. This government will not last long if it continues along the lines it has shown in the first 30 days.” But Bolsonaro also ruled out the possibility of withdrawing from the activity that had led him to the presidency.

Political analysts did not hesitate to link the former president’s intervention with what happened in a Congress where the right had the capacity to complicate Lula’s administration. A figure represents two events: the deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro, who attended on behalf of his father, even though the scandal did not invite his father to the session.

government Labor Party (PT)in alliance with centre-right sectors, since November, Eroding some of Bolsonarismo’s parliamentary base. The upcoming elections for House of Representatives and Senate officials will test the effectiveness of this policy of cooperation by some former supporters of the former president. Arthur Lira and Rodrigo Pachecho aspire to stay in front of both cameras. They lived on more than friendly terms with Bolsonaro. They distanced themselves after their electoral defeat and cut ties for sure after 8-E. Lula agreed that it was better to live with them. The far right expressed its hatred. Some signs read “Pacheco, no”.

Lula’s intervention

In this context, Lula attended the opening ceremony of the functions of the Federal Supreme Court (STF). In his speech, the PT leader praised the attitude taken by members of the highest judicial authority. In fact, one of its members, Alexandre de Moraes, is tasked with illuminating Bolsonaro’s responsibilities in the coup attempt at the beginning of January.

No one dares to doubt the politics of this country again. nor to discredit. What happened was the result of the Brazilian people’s disbelief in politics,” said Lula, taking into account the events in the legislature, adding: “Everywhere, what we need to know is that we cannot attend the National Congress. but it is the result of the mood on the voting day.” Therefore, “we must respect that and change it only four years later, at the next election, so that we can sustain it definitively. Democracy as long as we succeed in conquering the federative republic of Brazil”.

STF president Rosa Weber said:enemies of freedomThose who participate in the destabilization adventure will be brought to trial. “The vandals with a mindless, almost pathological hatred, wholly despised of the republic and filled with the arrogance of ignorance, list public assets subject to special protection, such as historical heritage, furniture, rugs, and works of art”.

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