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28-year-old fantasy game with 97% rating on Steam has started giving away on PC


1994 fantasy 4X strategy game is given away for free on the GOG Store Master of the magical classic. To pick it up, you need to go to your account and follow this link – after the transition, the game will be automatically added to the GOG library and a confirmation letter will be sent to the email.

BEE Master of Magic Classic, players find themselves in the role of a powerful wizard who wants to conquer two parallel worlds: Arcanus and his dark reflection mirror. This can be done in three ways: military, diplomatic or magical. The classic game has 14 unique races to lead, 198 different unit types, 60 special abilities and 200 magical spells.

Unfortunately, the strategy has not been translated into Russian. In addition, no unofficial crack was released for her. By the way, on Steam, the project costs only 154 rubles and has 97% positive reviews.

A full-fledged remake will be released on PC on December 13, 2022 Master of Magic with new graphics. The project page has already appeared on Steam and GOG.

Screenshot of the remakeScreenshot of the remake

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Source: VG Times



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