Gladiators will continue at MARQ until November 20

gladiators. Colosseum Heroes It is not a normal exposure. And this is not for several reasons. on the one hand, because MARQ’s first major international exhibition after the pandemic and secondly, as it was his first time to come to Spain. this is a very valuable set about fightersfirst of all, figures distorted by the image spread in cinema and literature.

And although there is an exhibition, which sand opened on April 13, The MARQ Foundation suggested that he would have to finish his adventure at the museum on October 16. Extend your stay in Alicante until 20 November. The initiative will be taken by this body to the executive committee on Wednesday, October 5th, so that it can be submitted to patrons’ approval after the Italian museums donating artefacts show they agree with the measure.

The extension of the stay of this exhibition is in response to the good reception of the public. by last Friday it has already reached 78,000 visitsand also waiting to define what will be the new international exhibition that will occupy the museum’s three temporary rooms.

Two gladiator shin guards visible on MARQ. Alex Dominguez

The Xian Warriors exhibition would have to take over, and although its arrival has been delayed several times – first for diplomatic reasons and then because of covid – – since it was announced in 2018 – the Alicante Provincial Assembly acknowledges the current challenges, but assures that the door to negotiation is still open to bring in these unique terracotta figures . What is unlikely is that he will be the one to replace the gladiators. despite the museum’s intention to continue negotiations.

The expansion proposal has the support of the Vice President and the Vice President for Culture, Julie Parra After the great welcome and interest generated by the exhibition, we believe it is a great opportunity to extend the stay in Alicante until 20 November.

With this, Parra states, “A new opportunity is offered to the people of Alicante and our visitors to enjoy this special collection dedicated to gladiators at MARQ, an extensive parallel events programme.”

78,000 visits

this 78,000 visits recorded until FridayIt is also necessary to add those until the first closing date, October 16. recovering pre-pandemic numbers and interpreted as a sign of normality.

Actually, gladiators. Colosseum Heroes It has already exceeded the figures reached by the Etruscan exhibition. Dawn of Rome, standing at 77,000, with a longer exhibition period (August 21 to March 2022). However, it has not yet surpassed the Iranian figures. Cradle of civilizations (from 14 March to 1 September 2019) over 100,000.

Australia, United States, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands and France countries where these gladiators passed about 140 pieces It comes from some of the most important cultural institutions in Italy, such as Naples National Archaeological Museum and Rome National Museum of Rome.

They went through MARQ from January to mid-September. More than 100,000 visitors, including 90,400 Spanish and 14,600 other nationalities, especially from England, France, Eastern European countries, America and Scandinavian countries. And in Spain especially from Madrid, Valencia, Castilla-La Mancha and Murcia.

In addition, the museum has already completed its special summer program with 43,524 registered visits until Sunday, September 18, when it began to be implemented on July 1st. According to the Alicante Provincial Council, “The figures confirm the recovery of pre-pandemic rates and show the summer of 2022 as one of the best in the last decade”. .

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