highway to heaven

temperature October 9 It’s worth putting the magnifying glass on the private regional network 8 Mediterráneo, whose critical balance couldn’t be more discouraging. Regardless of its Catholic and right-wing bias (every private company can follow the orders of its shareholders), there are two things that are unacceptable in a channel from the fourth autonomous community in the country: the number of hours it consumes teleshopping, and also the ubiquitous bulls and towns. If any of the pros performing Zero Tile took a look at this, they would have more than enough reasons to apply a trimmer to their manufacturers. In order not to mention specific names or programs, I will touch on what is in the series that everyone knows. highway to heaven110 episodes aired on Sunday afternoons, 1984 and 1989.

8 Mediterráneo decided to replace them this summer, but the results were questionable to say the least, given that the art of programming is not their thing. It wasn’t showcased in Series 4/3 (four out of three) so it looks bloated. But the worst thing was the constant repetition of the same episode without any criteria. The 23 issues of the first season, to cite one of the most notable ones, were aired four times in the same week, two afternoons and two mornings, without explanation. Winners, Losers and Legends, the 7th of season 2, came out faster than usual.

I don’t think the fans of this show deserve this (bad) treatment. Michael Landon and Victor Frech died of pancreatic and lung cancer, respectively, at the age of 54, shortly after the end of the series. There is also disrespect towards them.

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