Pochola Hernandez and Jose Augusto “Capu”, official co-pilot and pilot Metal Mine Rally Raid together a Domingo Roman and Susana Hernando they moved to town Cifuentes inside Guadalajara to object “VIII Rally TT Guadalajara”, scoring test for Spanish Cross Country Rally Championship.

On September 30th and October 1st and 2nd, the VIII Guadalajara TT Rally will be held, with members of the Metal Lube Rally Raid team Jose Augusto González “Capu” and Pochola Hernández joining there on their respective ships. Mitsubishi L200 and Domingo Román, Susana Hernando’s co-pilot. Bowler Wildcat T1.

The rally started on Friday, September 30. 5.5km entry Long enough to set the starting sequence for the next day, with a start and an end around Cifuentes. Then, after passing through the aid area, the participants will leave for the departure ceremony located at the address below. Salinera Gate of the municipality of Alcarreñowhere participating teams and vehicles will be introduced to the public.

First on Saturday, October 1st 145 km Selective Sector (SS1) with departure from the town of Cifuentes and arrival in the municipality of Henche. After going through help and a brief regrouping, the participants will play the second game. Selective Section (SS2) Same route to the morning section. After passing through the service area once again in the afternoon, the drivers and co-pilots will face the final stage of the rally. the third Selective Sector (SS3) with almost 100 km of route and output between populations Masegoso and Las Inviernashis destination will be in Cifuentes.

Pochola and Capu are their main targets in this race. return to the podium so you can continue to run the Championship on category T1-N. Guadalajara is a very difficult test where vehicles suffer a lot due to the disruption of the route and it is one of the tests where the skill of both the pilot and the co-pilot are tested as it is navigation. normally complex.