A strange bug on Steam can “kill” an account because of a single word in the nickname

Valve is extremely tolerant of the choice of nicknames on Steam: to understand this, just open your friends list. However, there is one word that can send an account to a shadow ban. YouTuber nicknamed The Spiffing Brit talked about an unusual problem, which could have seriously injured someone at least a few days ago.

As it turns out, Steam really doesn’t like the word anti-disestablishmentism. It is one of the longest words in English. According to Wiktionary, this is the name of a political philosophy whose adherents oppose the separation of church and state.

Spiffing Brit’s video clearly shows what happens to the account when you change your nickname. The service loses half of its functionality: tabs with a profile, inventory, friends list immediately stop working. The library of games does not disappear anywhere, but other gamers cannot invite you to a match.