Former player of the Russian national team Demenko called the cancellation of the collection of the national team reasonable.

Zenit St. Petersburg and Spartak Moscow at club level, the former football player of the Russian national team Maxim Demenko shared his thoughts on the cancellation of the preparation camp of the Russian national team.

Today, May 30, Russian Football Union (RFU) announced on the cancellation of the national team’s June training camp.

“In any case, our guys are not playing at the moment. Of course there is talk of friendly matches. Probably, in connection with this moment, maybe not necessary. [проводить сбор], we should rest them after the championship. However, there is a small pause and a new champion starts in the summer. So maybe it’s right and wise not to do it.

But still, if we were talking about the European Championship, the friendlies, then the national team would meet anyway. Then one of the contestants will definitely be found. So why has Cameroon refused now? “Because it is difficult, the flights are difficult and therefore there will be competitors in the future,” he said.

It was learned that the June match with the Cameroon national team on May 23, which was supposed to be played in Moscow on June 15, was interrupted.

Recall that the International Football Federation (FIFA) and the Association of European Football Associations (UEFA) decided to exclude the Russian national team and all Russian clubs from participation in all competitions controlled by these organizations.

It was previously reported that the coach of the Russian national football team, Valery Karpin, was dismissed. expression The opinion that the cancellation of the national team’s June camp will ensure that the players are fully prepared for the new season.

Source: Gazeta


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