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Geralt, Regis and Ciri were shown with new graphics. What the characters look like on The Witcher 4 engine


The author of the YouTube channel CG Adventures has published a new video featuring the characters from The Witcher series, recreated with photorealistic graphics on a modern Unreal Engine 5 engine (using the MetaHuman tool), which, by the way, is a new game should be running In the series.

This time the enthusiast showed Geralt, Regis and Ciri.




It’s worth noting that last time the author re-created Yennefer, Olgerd, and Triss on Unreal Engine 5. He also has a slightly different version of Geralt.

“The models are made by a fan, not a professional who works in the game industry. This is not an official CD Projekt RED work.”— said the creator of the video.

Recall that earlier another enthusiast showed what the gameplay could look like The Witcher 4 with graphics on Unreal Engine 5.👩🏻‍🦰 Important research time: only 6% of the games had female protagonists

Source: VG Times



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