How long will the wave last? Checked

CHEVROLET Cobalt, 1.5 (105 HP), A6

Manufacturer – General Motors Uzbekistan JSC
Year of issue – 2013
In operation “Behind the wheel” – since May 2013
Mileage at time of report – 150,000 km

The Cobalt’s engine began to idle noisily. I decided to check the exhaust system. Usually, the element under constant mechanical load is the first to burn through the thermal compensator of the intermediate pipe of the muffler (simpler, the wave). And so it turned out. But 147 thousand kilometers for her is a worthy result.

The replacement work is specific, so I engaged a specialized service.

The intermediate tube will still serve, so only the corrugated part will be changed. The old wave is cut out with a grinder, and a new one is welded in place without removing the exhaust elements from the car – otherwise there is a risk of disrupting their relative position. Then the load on the fasteners will increase, which will lead to their accelerated destruction.

The job took 10 minutes. I spent 3,500 rubles on a new part and repair.

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  • The full list of claims against Cobalt is contained in this publication.
  • “Behind the wheel” can also be read in Telegram.

Source: Z R


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