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– Um, I had a fight with Nissan Note. Only a four-speed automatic made the engine hum, Antonych told his colleagues. – But now – Rio with a six-step: one thing! Besides, why is it so common in modern cars to have an even number of gears in automatic machines? Mercedes and ten, they say, it happens …

Can you help the driver to figure it out?

Short answers are not taken into account. Send the answer marked “Contest” before November 1, 2022 to the address: 107045, Moscow, Seliverstov per., 10, Building 1; e-mail: [email protected]. Enter a contact phone number or other quick communication method.

Below are the results of the Connoisseur Contest published on July 1.

Readers had to explain why, in a car dealership thirty years ago, some cars started easily even after a long stop, and some only after a long fuss.

The winner of our contest has answered correctly and in detail.

A booster pump is also installed in the high-pressure fuel pump (TNVD) of the distributive type (represented by the arrow). At the slightest leak in the line from the tank to the pump, including the fuel filter, air will enter the system.

A booster pump is also installed in the high-pressure fuel pump (TNVD) of the distributive type (represented by the arrow). At the slightest leak in the line from the tank to the pump, including the fuel filter, air will enter the system.

Let’s start with the fact that thirty years ago the power supply system of all domestic cars was carbureted. The carburettor was engaged in a significant enrichment of the mixture, necessary for confident cold starts. To do this, a separate system was used in all household carburetors, which was an air valve or, as people said, manually controlled suction.

During the first revolutions of the crankshaft, a significant vacuum was created in the intake manifold, which forced the fuel to flow intensively from all systems. With the first flashes, the speed and with it the vacuum increased, and to prevent the engine from flooding with fuel, the muffler had to open a little.

Relatively perfect carburetors like Ozone (nee Weber) and Solex coped with this task relatively well. And if we talked about older generation carburetors, then the K-126 in various designs drank a lot of blood from motorists. I had to forcefully depress the accelerator several times before starting so that the throttle pump supplied additional fuel to the intake manifold.

During the long parking, which is discussed in the problem, the fuel pump also gave problems. The float chamber, which contained gasoline in the carburetor, was leaking and was in contact with the atmosphere. As a result, the fuel evaporated. Especially intense – if the driver has parked a car for a long time with a fairly hot engine.

The fuel pump was mechanically driven and only started pumping fuel when the engine was started. And the fuel pumps were not distinguished by a high tightness of the valves, therefore, if they were placed high, as in Muscovy engines, they dried out and did not immediately begin to supply gasoline. At Zhiguli, the pump was low enough, and when the fuel tank, which had a vertical design, was full, there were no problems at all.

The first foreign cars that came to our country could have three versions.

Carburettor engines often had automatically operated choke valves, which made starting easier and faster. The valves of the fuel pumps were sealed, and therefore the pumps were sometimes devoid of the manual pump lever, which is always present on domestic cars.

On some of the engines were mechanical fuel injection systems. For example, in the K-Jetronic system, a separate device was responsible for enriching the mixture, but – most importantly – the fuel supply from the gas tank was carried out by an electric fuel pump, which started to work when the ignition was turned on or the engine is started. In many modern cars, it comes on when the driver just opens the door to take a seat.

The only foreign cars that had to be started for a long time were cars with diesel engines. Several conditions are required for their launch. Fuel – depending on the season, because in winter the summer turns into jelly, which does not pass through the filter. Sufficient crankshaft revolutions must be ensured, as the air-fuel mixture is ignited by compression. Glow plugs in all cylinders must also be in good condition for additional heating of the mixture. And only if all conditions match, the diesel engine will start steadily. Otherwise, it came to launch by dragging, which sometimes led to problems.

It’s good that nowadays every car starts easily! Provided it is correct.

Prize Contest!  - a task about automatic transmission and steps

Congratulations Dmitry Korzenkov on his victory!

  • Duster under the Lada brand and a new model from AVTOVAZ – details are known.
  • “Driving” can now be viewed on RuTube.

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