Sonia Iglesias: When a suspect dies, only “divine justice” remains

The police searched the body for the last time. Sonia IglesiasJulio Araújo, her husband and When he was suspected of killing her, he was there, in the rain, unchanging and quiet. The agents searched the family pantheon of the San Mauro cemetery in Pontevedra, which they believe may have hidden the body years ago. It’s been a few hours but Araujo, As in all the years since his wife disappeared, He didn’t lose his temper.

However, days after the failed search, Julio Araújo was hospitalized. caught someone pneumonia complicated by lung cancer already suffering and He was to enter the grave in September 2020.

Julio Araújo, who is suspected of murdering her husband and Sonia Iglesias during one of the searches. OPEN STATUS


“Even though divine justice deals with Julio, we couldn’t to give justice to Sonia or her family; We should have given Sonia’s body to her family.“, one of the investigators in the case regretted it. In fact, they tried until the last minute of the criminal suspect’s life.

When cancer began to engulf the suspect, investigators offered to tell him only where the body of his wife Sonia was found. If she had, nothing would have happened to her, she. But Julio Araújo died without speaking

The cops and the suspect knew he was going to die, there was no time left, He didn’t care about jail or the future. They just offered to tell him where his wife’s body was. that he did this to give peace to the family, to his son. I could do with anonymous, more than a third party He said there would be no trace of his confession. Araújo did not answer. To death.

Pontevedra keeps the memory of Sonia Iglesias alive. They take to the streets every August 18 crying for answers. OPEN STATUS

Araújo died without saying anything about his wife’s whereabouts. decided to fire him and breaking up with her, as determined by the police officers responsible for the woman’s disappearance, It occurred on August 18, 2010 in Pontevedra..

Sonia, 38 years old, mother of one child and the clerk at a Massimo Dutti store in the Galician city did not show up for work that afternoon. Her husband, Julio Araújo, who was not working and had a drinking problem, was the last person to see him..

together until the end

According to his version, which he continued until his death, the two left his home on Campo de la Torre street around ten in the morning. Julio drove Sonia’s car. Daewoo Kalos, even a shoe store On Archbishop Malvar Street. Then Sonia got out of the car and left a pair of shoes at the store to be repaired. He came back and got into the vehicle, but a few minutes later, as there was a small traffic jam, went out and walked towards the center of Pontevedra. But Sonia didn’t show up for work (she never went) and no one saw her again after that day, just his killer.

At 11:40 am, one hour after Sonia’s disappearance, Julio Araújo arrived at his home and called from landline to his cousin José Antonio. He had one hour to commit the crime and dispose of the body. When the police showed him this during ten years of interrogations, informal conversations and wiretaps, Araújo always replied: “Then when they couldn’t find me. this is your problem, not mine“. Until his death.

i would kick him out of the house

The police discovered that Julio Araújo also had a motive. His wife is tired of him, I didn’t look for a job and I spent the day between bars and slot machines, had declared to him after his son’s congregationheld on August 15, would have to leave the family home. The man had no place to go, no job, no interest.

Besides, Sonia had met a man, A long-term citizen of Venezuelaand with whom he hopes to start a new life. That man was also investigated, and agents baptized the search for Sonia, her body, and her murderer by the surname of a singer from that very famous country in Spain in the summer of 2010. The search has been made, the search is not over yet, Operation Baute.

Multiple raids in the first weeks with extensive citizen cooperation GUSTAVO SANTOS

Wallet in a drug town

The first clue to Sonia’s fate was given by Francisco, a young drug addict. O Vao village to catch cocaine. On the side of the road to that drug hypermarket, the man found a five-euro wallet and Documents by Sonia Iglesias Eirin.

Moreover, for a moment science seemed to help the researchers, and Araújo’s cell phone Mount Castrove areaa remote place, ideal for getting rid of a body, but then these data were found to be not one hundred percent accurate; Ten percent of mobile calls from other parts of Pontevedra whistled in that area.

a gray Daewoo

Security cameras from various institutions in central Pontevedra also did not help solve the crime. Two cameras recorded the same car Sonia’s, which Araújo used, disappeared that morning. He was heading in the opposite direction to his home, towards Santo Mauro street, where they lived together in the early years of their relationship, an abandoned house at the time, which Araújo would refuse to sell, despite his fragile economic situation.

The images showed a silver-gray Daewoo Kalos with four doors and black mirrors. but they didn’t let them see the license plateso this test was not conclusive either.

In 2018, the property’s registration was extended to the basement of the San Mauro chapel. G.SANTOS

condom trap

Araujo He always denied that his wife would kick him out of the house or leave him.. It even produced a baroque history. He not only said they weren’t going to break up, but they were fine too, so much so that they had sex the day his wife disappeared. And he said he threw away the used condom, he didn’t have time to throw it away. Investigators found the condom, but it’s there there was only DNA from the man, Nothing about Sonia or any other woman. The police were convinced that this was an attempt to mislead them.

Sonia is dead

An agent from the Pontevedra police station received a tip in 2016 that it had reopened the police station. Hope for Sonia’s family, who have fought tirelessly all these years. The suspect was Julio’s brother’s girlfriend at a restaurant in Sanxenxo. Deteriorated by alcohol, they heard him say: “Sonia Iglesias is dead, her partner killed her, Julio Araujo. He and his brother took him to a cemetery and buried him in a family niche.” Araújo’s brother confessed to the police that he had been in the slum O Vao. Buying drugs the day Sonia disappeared. And the day another junkie found his wallet in a nearby gutter.

The suspect stood silently in the rain as the police searched various niches in the cemetery to find Sonia’s body. She caught pneumonia that day, which greatly weakened her health.

Araujo family There were 28 niches in the San Mauro cemetery, 17 of them are officially empty. Researchers placed cameras near the tombs and in the area, and eventually searched for the niches and the abandoned house that was very close to it. In the rain, under the gaze of Julio Araújo, who failed and caught pneumonia that afternoon which hastened his demise.


In January of this year, a court in Pontevedra, Sonia Iglesias Eirín is officially dead, after the only suspect who made it go away died without speaking. This is the way her son, who is already of age, can get what his mother wants him to be. All these years, the boy has grown, Sonya’s disappearance with the alleged murderer, his father.

The cops investigating Sonia Iglesias’ disappearance are alive, some already retired, she’s stuck on the thorn. Earthly justice, they failed, they failed. Only divine justice did its job. Sonia’s mother even confronted Araújo, her mother-in-law, and asked her if she had commissioned someone “Portuguese” to kill Sonia because she thought she couldn’t do it with her own hands.. Unanswered.

The woman’s mobilizations to support her parents and other relatives follow each other from the beginning. Gustavo Santos

Some investigators will remember Julio Araújo’s look before his questions, his threats and offers during hundreds of interviews so that his son could tell where his mother was. Another recalls what he answered one night when a concerned friend called him and asked if he knew anything about the whereabouts of his missing wife, Sonia: “Everything is quiet at the front, lieutenant.“.

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