Argentina, 1985


Argentina, 1985, Amazon Studios’ new original film by Santiago Mitre (The Student, The Cordillera) deals with the trial of the Military Juntas and stars Ricardo Darín (The Secret in Your Eyes, Wild Tales) as Julio. Strassera and Peter Lanzani (El clan, El Ángel) as Luis Moreno Ocampo. It was written by Santiago Miter with his usual collaborator Mariano Llinás (The Flower, Extraordinary Stories) and produced by Axel Kuschevatzky, Federico Posternak, Agustina Llambi Campbell, Ricardo Darín, Santiago Miter, Santiago Carabante, Chino Darín and Victoria Alonso. Inspired by the true story of Julio Strassera, Luis Moreno Ocampo and the young legal team who, against all odds, dared to blame the bloodiest Argentine military dictatorship against time and under constant threat. David’s battle against Goliath with the least expected heroes.

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