A novel gives a voice to the women who defended Alicante in the Civil War

His grandmother lived in Istanbul. Quintana Street The bombing of Alicante Central Market claimed many lives. But he never mentioned it. Therefore the author Bianca Aparicio Vinsonneau wanted to give her a voice in a novel, beats of time (Backlight) and with it women who crossed and fought on another front of the conflictIt’s a city with almost no men, in which they have to take on most of the roles.

The Alicante author presented his novel this morning, and he did so with a tour of key locations in the city that played a role in the development of the Civil War, as well as in his book.

“It’s always overwhelming to be in a shelter, even if you’ve been to it many times,” the author said after visiting one of these enclaves of the world. Seneca Square. “I think my grandmother was in a shelter, too, and what was she thinking?”

Bianca Aparicio, who self-published her first two novels, shadows of africa Y coconut island“History is stories in capital letters and small letters”, above all “the women who defended this city. In the first, he conveys the data he obtained through research and document research. In the second, he tells about life. oak brothers who lived Santa Cruz neighborhood they must learn to see the present and the future differently, without being rigid and during the war.

The author next to the Stanbrook model at the AA Bunker Interpretation Center in Alicante. Alex Dominguez

The eldest left her training as a midwife. help house, On Constitution street where they took the wounded after the bombing of the Central Market. The latter is a watchmaker following his father’s business, but continues to serve in the home of a wealthy family in India. gomis streetand the third is studying and has just become a clerk at a grocery store. Altamira street. In addition, traditions, love and family secrets hidden in a beautiful watch are intertwined.

there is about 700 pages of historical fiction“I want to drag the reader from one chapter to another, from one event to the next, so that they learn the truth, but without understanding why the characters lead them”.

the novel begins 18 July 1936, the history of the military uprising that “changed the lives of many”. In this case, especially “some very strong female characterswith great courage that they have to move forward in a city of women, as men go to the front and have to work in factories, take care of children… life tests them and they must discover their talents”.

They are three sisters who are “very different from each other” and each has “something from my grandmother because women are incredibly complex and it would be complicated to tell what I want to tell in one; three are very different and have different ways of seeing the world”.

Lesser known facts

The city in this story is “another hero”, says the author, Teaching and Optics and Optometry. Santa Maria Basilica, Main Theatre, Central Market, Old Town, Co-Cathedral of San Nicolás, the former Casa de Socorro and the port where Stanbrook departed appear as scenes from the lives of their protagonists. “I had to research under the stones, archives, memoirs and testimonies, and try to reflect on lesser known facts as well.”

For example, the so-called bread shelling. “Italian planes that dropped bombs also threw bread wrapped in fascist messages, which they wrote that they had food, and played with demoralizing the public.” Also the story lion dog. “A stray dog ​​who is always between the Teatro Director and the Casa de Socorro, admired by everyone for waiting for the bombs before the sirens sound.”

Bianca Aparicio, who has also worked with various NGOs in Africa, Alicante’s role in the Civil War, “But in that respect it’s an unknown city, and people don’t know there’s a lot of things here that change our present.”

beats of time It will be presented at the Guardamar del Segura Library at 19:30 tomorrow Friday.

Source: Informacion


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