PP disgraces Ximo Puig by placing a medal on the tram between Orihuela and Torrevieja

Deputy and spokesperson of the popular group Alicante Provincial CouncilEduardo Dolón asked Ximo Puig “don’t wear other people’s medals because it’s ugly” and “if you really want to have your infrastructure medal run TRAM to connect Orihuela and Torrevieja so citizens can eventually use the link both town halls promoted together to the Provincial Assembly”.

Dolón therefore referred to the “general announcement of the day for the province of Alicante” and urged Puig to speak further with the Finance Minister, who was in charge of Infrastructure at the time he was submitted for study. TRAM in Orihuela In May 2021, and together with the current Branch Minister, both reported that “Diputación is working on a preliminary project prepared by the University of Alicante with an item of 50,000 euros”.

In this sense, dolon He asked Puig “to get the tram up and running because the rest is already done,” he said.

Dolón himself recalled that he was the mayor of Torrevieja, along with Emilio Bascuñana, who later became mayor of Orihuela, and the head of Diputación. Carlos MazonPresenting the document for TRAM at a demonstration in Orihuela in May 2021, “The document presented was made by the University of Alicante, as it was written by Armando Ortuño, and was presented at a meeting to the former Minister Arcadi, who said he would review its feasibility in July of last year, a month after he introduced himself to the public. Spain made a statement from the Department of Infrastructures.

“This TRAM, which Puig sells as new, was presented in 2021, and the County Council is currently working on the preliminary project because Mazón promised so. If Puig wants a medal, all he has to do is execute him,” said Dolón, prompting Puig to “have a dialogue with the government team and invited to speak more, because both David Spain as new consultant Rebecca Torro they know that the idea and the blueprint already exists and belongs to President Mazón”.

“If Puig wants a medal, Project. What he has to do is abide by his authority and enforce it”, Dolón decided.

Finally, he said that Puig and his entire government “arrogantly forgot” for years. Vega Baja. He only remembers advertising and selling his smoke. He said the proof of this was “the lack of projects for the south of the province, the lack of any connection, the failure to fight for Alicante or say anything about it while surrendering to his boss in Madrid.” Transfer throughout the General Policy discussion.”

Source: Informacion


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