Uepal supports the president after his removal from the CEV and insists on demanding fair treatment for Alicante

Uepal’s executive committee and board, which will meet at Novelda this Wednesday, have agreed intensify protest actions Before the group of public administrations to defend the interests of the social and commercial fabric of the province of Alicante. This decision comes after the organization’s president, Juan José Sellés, was sacked as vice-president after a statement last Monday criticizing projects supporting the second side of CEV-Alicante.

Explaining that the meeting was held before his deportation, Uepal understands that voicing investment claims in the state and condemning decisions that harm communications and infrastructure that hinder his development is loyal to the victims and must have a solid foundation for that. Structure the Valencian Community on both a business and social level. As explained by the organization, silence shouldn’t be an option in situations like thisHe is convinced that, as can be interpreted as acceptance, all business entities and the CEV itself will articulate the necessary means to defend the interests of the province and the Valencian Community as a whole.

Both the board of directors and the board of directors of Uepal unanimously and to defend the interests of the province of Alicante and therefore the general interest of the Valencian Community, calls for a boost in terms of investment in strategic infrastructuressuch as the AVE, the airport and the Mediterranean Corridor. In addition, economic support is needed for water supply for the agricultural sector, the location of the headquarters of the Spanish Artificial Intelligence Supervision Agency, the creation of new basic public service infrastructures and the provision of specific policies linked to industry and services. Province of Alicante. “Because when the province of Alicante grows, the entire Valencian Community grows”, they emphasize.

From work organization to production New resources and opportunities for Spain’s fifth province by GDP this is a necessary exercise of responsibility and fair treatment, which all institutions and organizations concerned with the equitable socio-economic development of the autonomous region as a whole should contribute.

In addition, the board of directors and the members of the board of directors unanimously exercising freedom of expression and autonomy in demanding action It is an essential element of a democratic rule of law and principle of action in the pursuit of progress in the province of Alicante, without implying that any entity acts or acts to the detriment of third parties.

Source: Informacion


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