“We’re the group you’re going to hate this summer”

They released their debut album “I’ll Sleep When I Die” in the midst of a pandemic, it’s more than just reuniting with the public, live experience for the first time. created by the group Magi, sandra, Jules Y raquel -in part thanks to Tinder- this Friday Low Benidorm Festivalon a poster where women gain weight.

According to Magüi, the singer of the group, at their concerts they talk about their life, namely Only those who want songs get Spotify. The vocalist confirms the role of emerging groups and announces the release of new songs and his next album in 2023.

Unrestricted first summer in the “new normal”. What is it like to reconnect with the public?

Well, it’s more like meeting them for the first time. We released the album in 2020, so even though we’ve had fans for several years, this is the first time we’ve experienced going on stage without restrictions. It’s really tough and we’re still in a bit of shock.

How do you see the world of culture after the break?

There is great anxiety among the people. Unfortunately, due to Covid, new festivals are born out of those that have fallen. There’s a lot on offer, which makes me see things a little messy. We are in a very rush and I don’t know if it was completely positive, so there are many criticisms such as overcapacity, lack of staff…

Do you think there is enough variety in this offer?

We are very lucky. We’re definitely going to be the band you hate this year because they’re everywhere. However, we believe there is still no commitment, especially to emerging bands.

And for women’s groups?

Still less.

At Low Festival you share the poster with Amaia or Nathy Peluso, among others. Is it starting to become more balanced?

Undoubtedly, it is a process that will not happen overnight. There are more women’s groups but I still have trouble seeing them as headlines. Even so, it is slow progress, though not stopping. We’re doing shit for more equality in a few years.

“Equality at festivals is a slow but non-stop process. It’s still hard for me to see women’s headlines»

Have you ever experienced a period of discrimination?

It happened to us mostly by some technicians, even in interviews, at moments that made us uncomfortable. But the male artists with whom we shared the same stage have never been less for us. They see us as colleagues, that’s all.

Sandra, a member of the group, has other parallel music projects. How do they affect the group?

He is the one who suffers the most. Sometimes he has to do real tricks to get it all, and yet there are times when they have to play with a substitute in Niña Polaca (his other group). She’ll give him a hard time one day, but she’s coping well because she’s a restless ass.

You’re playing at a new time for you this Friday after 3am.

Yes, the truth is we have it, for better or for worse. It’s bad because we’ve never done it before, we don’t even know how to last until three or four in the morning. But hey, I see that as a good thing, everybody will get drunk, that definitely encourages people a lot. But we like to stay after the performance to enjoy the festival, so I don’t think it will be our favorite time after that.

“We will tell you about our lives at our concerts. If you just want to hear the songs, that’s what Spotify is for.”

What can we expect from a Geneva concert?

I like to describe it more as a show than a concert. We love interacting with people and feeling close to them. Sometimes they criticize us for it but we don’t care. If you just want to listen to our songs, you have Spotify, but we will tell you about our lives in our live shows.

You just released your latest single: «Alex Turner», any more news?

The truth is if. We just finished the vocal recordings of our new album yesterday. In principle it was supposed to come out this year but the truth is we prefer to do things well and calmly so it will definitely come out early next year. We want to release new songs in September and push things forward. Let’s hope we can give a more “normal” presentation of this album and enjoy it from the beginning.

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