The government sets the salvage of the Alicante Ring Road at 302 million

Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (Mitma) 302.7 million so called euro Responsibility of the Administration’s Guardian on the AP-7 Highway of the Alicante ring road. In other words, the amount the Government has to make pay to previous seller -or creditors- investments and expropriations He said that after the company’s bankruptcy, the publicly traded company Seittsa had to run the infrastructure to start it.

This was stated by the Ministry itself in a statement to which it reported on the matter. opening of the hearing period for the submission of claims prior to this new calculation, the second account after the 308 million account presented in November last year, whose operation was paralyzed due to a claim by one of the parties involved. In addition, there were several subsequent Supreme Court decisions regarding the interpretation of contracts for many salvaged highways, mandating that the planned amount be changed. In this way, the new indictment period was opened on Friday, July 22 and will last for 15 working days.

Alicante ring road It became operational in December 2007 In order to reduce the daily recorded traffic jams of the A-70 as it passes through the provincial capital. The company responsible for the concession, Cıralsaa society made up of ACS, Abertis and Globalvia.

However, the arrival of the crisis expectations were never met As with most of the highways started at the same time, the expected traffic is Madrid radials.

Thus, just five years after its opening, the company filed for bankruptcy andn 2018, the then Ministry of Public Works took back ownership the way it integrates into the publicly traded company Seittsa along with seven other highways recovered.

Although it is desired to re-bid the concession of these highways, for nowremains in the hands of the government.


As stipulated in the interpretation agreement approved by the council of ministers in April 2019 and according to the criteria set in the Supreme Court decisions, the Ministry of Transport calculates the amount to be paid for the Administration’s Homeland Responsibility (RPA) in Alicante. Ring Road 302.712,677 Euros.

Specifically, the department, headed by Raquel Sánchez, estimates an RPA for: 276.6 million realized and not amortizedin addition to others 74.1 million for expropriations, which would give more than 350 million in total. However, from this amount it is necessary to subtract the value of the investments necessary to achieve “perfect delivery of the facilities under absolutely normal conditions”, some works amounting to 18 million; therefore, together with the compensation already paid to those expropriated by the administration itself, this amounts to 15.6 million. Similarly, the ministry calculates that another 14.4 million would have to be withheld to face possible payments that the State would have to deal with for these expropriations.

Alicante toll ring road. Antonio Amoros

However, the publication of this calculation has not yet been completed. it will take long. The certified translation contract is intended to set out that six months after RPA’s initial determination decision is issued (when the current hearing period expires), a supplemental decision will be determined, and one year after the initial decision – the final one, pending situations that have been resolved during this period, such as the payment of expropriations.

Alicante ring road is a highway 33.2 kilometers long with the main purpose routing long-distance traffic At the height of the city of Alicante, where the A-70’s fusion with local traffic causes daily delays. His best year to date was 2008, when he recorded his average daily intensity. about 10,000 vehicles.

However, these numbers gradually declined. outbreak of the economic crisisUntil 2014, it hit rock bottom with just 5,303 vehicles per day. From that date on, the traffic density started to increase, until it hit traffic. Pandemic In 2020, it fell again to just 4,966 vehicles per day. It has reached 6,421 users per day, regaining most of the traffic lost by the coronavirus last year.

Torrevieja motorway, for sale

The Ausur highway connecting Alicante with Torrevieja and Cartagena was also on the verge of collapse and was the ninth road saved by the State. However, at the end of 2014, he managed to sign an agreement to refinance his debt with a loan of 196 million euros signed by up to 15 different organizations. Unlike the rest of the highways, the banks felt that the volume of traffic it recorded ensured its viability. Its owners are Pralesa, which owns 75% of the capital, and the Fuertes Group, which started a process to sell the concession late last year. According to the economic press published a few weeks ago, the firm would receive an offer on the table from DIF Capital Partners and Bestinver funds.

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