DNA of two people found in Helena Jubany’s clothes the day she died

Police scientist found the remains DNA on the front of the sweater Helena Jubany wore in 2001. There are at least two “inconclusive” examples. Sabadell court today DNA belonging to Xavi Jiménez, the only person currently being investigated. owner Journalist Carles Porta, director of the ‘Crimes’ program, argued. This was later confirmed by Jubany’s brother in an interview with Catalunya Ràdio.

Body Helena Jubany was thrown from the roof of a building. Calvet d’Estrella street in Sabadell on the morning of December 2, 2001. Since then, his family has been trying to find out who did it.

Both the prosecutor’s office and lawyer Benet Salellas, who defends the interests of the Jubany Salellas family, and the Police Headquarters in charge of investigations, demanded that new proceedings be initiated. The most striking thing, described by Salellas, was recovering clothes belonging to Jubany to check if Jiménez’s biological remains were visible in these pieces, thanks to new technologies.

Jiménez got on justice’s radar when they were missing, at the time of the discount A few hours for the prescription to make him untouchable. A new judge from Sabadell reopened the case. torpor after 15 years.

Jubany, 27, and I worked as a librarian at Sentmenat (Barcelona) was found dead after being thrown unconscious but still alive from the roof of a building onto a patio on 2 December 2001 in Sabadell (Barcelona).

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Both the Prosecutor’s Office and the victim’s family demanded that new processes be made with the DNA of the clothes the young woman wore on the day of the murder so that more advanced techniques could be applied that did not exist in 2001.

Helena Jubany’s sister, Joan Jubany, stressed today, Wednesday, that the discovery of DNA on the jacket she wore the day she was killed could be decisive in finding out who killed her.

One of the samples collected by the scientific unit of the National Police corresponds to a woman.but the rest of the remains are still “inconclusive”.

Joan Jubany was hopeful about the possibility of confirmation via DNA residues from her jacket that she was with Helena on the day she was killed.

The family’s concern, Joan Jubany added, jacket did not protect biological residues On the day of the events, he said, fortunately, the suit had been in judicial custody for twenty years and was in good condition.

The only person investigated is Xavier Jiménez As the alleged perpetrator of the Jubany murder, but the victim’s family does not rule out further incidents.

The Sabadell court, which ordered the case, released Xavier Jiménez last April, but despite the ban on leaving Spain, with the investigations gathered so far, the magistrate appreciates “sufficient indications” that Jiménez was involved in the crime.

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