Realtor Berezhnova: the volume of offers for renting apartments in Moscow has doubled since January

Ekaterina Berezhnova, principal analyst at Miel real estate agency, said that the volume of supply in the apartment rental market in Moscow has doubled: from 22,000 properties in January to 46,000 in July. This has been reported DEA News”.

The realtor emphasized that this growth is associated with the active transfer of apartments from sale to rent. Many sellers, against the background of the geopolitical situation, could not sell their houses quickly and at the desired price, so they decided to rent their properties.

According to Oksana Polyakova, deputy director of the apartment rental department at Inkom-Nedvizhimost, compared to 2021, the demand was 15% and 40% lower than in the years before the pandemic.

The publication notes that the price for renting a one-room apartment in July averages 40 thousand rubles. per month, and “kopeck pieces” – 65-70 thousand rubles.

According to the forecasts of real estate agents, rental prices for apartments will increase by 5-10% in autumn.

Earlier, Izvestia citing BusinesStat research data WroteRussians spend an average of 47.2% of their salary on rent. In some regions this figure is well above the average. In Crimea, for example, residents spend an average of 75.8% on their housing rent.

Source: Gazeta


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